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Mark Kidel

Calliope Media

  • Member of JSA since 2010

I am an independent documentary producer and director specialising in the arts and music - although I also make other kinds of films. I work mostly in the UK and France. Most of my finance comes from TV, but increasingly, I am looking for funding elsewhere as the films I make are not conventional TV fodder. My films are personal, I often shoot them myself, and I always try to reveal something essential to the subject without imposing too much of myself. I tread a fairly lonely path, guided by my instincts and passions, although I enjoy great creative relationships, not least with a couple of brilliant Bristol editors, Andrew Findlay and Rick Holbrook.

  • "Ravi Shankar: Between Two Worlds" FIPA d'Argent (France 2002)
  • "Hungary 1956: Our Revolution" Grierson Award for Best Historical Documentary (2007)
  • "Soweto Strings" Nominated for Grierson Award Best Arts Documentary 2008
  • "Leon Fleisher: Lessons of a Master" Grand Prix Classique en Images (France 2003)
  • Kind of Blue : An Essay on Melancholia and Depression Royal Television Society Award - Best General Education Programme (1994)