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Jemma Grundon


  • Member of JSA since 2008

BA(hons) Fine Art

Bath Spa University

My work concerns the ephemeral and the transient. I am interested in how impermanent encounters might be experienced, acknowledged and remembered. I do not depict the reality of these encounters, but I often use recognisable imagery that is evocative and symbolic of the world we live in. Using familiar signifiers to depict and examine the world, I create work which can appear simultaneously both familiar and unfamiliar, both beautiful and unsettling, there and not there. I often work collaboratively and creating a dialogue with my surroundings and with other people is important to me. Through painting, installation and collaborative practice my work hopes to encourage and stimulate a sense of enquiry, where the viewer experiences empathy towards the aesthetic and dialogic qualities of the artwork. In doing so, this opens up the possibility of quiet thought and contemplation.