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Christopher Wright


  • Member of JSA since 2008

BA(hons) Illustration

University of West England, Bristol

Ever since graduating from Art College in 2007, Christopher has been constantly casting his toxic third eye over all sorts of music related paraphernalia, with buckets of parody, bulging eyeballs and an infinite colour palette. In 2010, Mr Wright broadened his horizons with a number of exhibitions. A poster exhibition at Staalplatt (Berlin), a tongue in cheek football exhibition with Rhys Coren at Jaguar Shoes (London) and another joint exhibition with Tim ‘Burgelrips’ Ryan in Bristol. The latter of which gave Christopher a platform to show off some of his more unhinged and satirical artworks. A Southerner of Scottish descent, he does all his acidic drawings from a tall lift-less building in Bristol. As someone once sang: "if you like it you should have put a face on it" and so Christopher proceeded. Sex starved food things, alcoholic mountain tops and burlesque turds are near the tip of the ice berg in an ever-expanding galaxy of relentless poppycock! On the subject of Poppycock, Wrighty has an ever evolving / touring exhibition of Dream Gig Posters, in which he conjures up posters for fantasy events, as imagined by famous musicians. Who will be Poppycocked(!) next? Watch this space.